Enrichment. Engagement. Dignity.

Welcome to our Memory Care community at San Ramon! We're thrilled to offer a warm and inviting space where residents can feel right at home. Our goal is to provide a safe and joyful environment filled with laughter, friendship, and engaging activities.

Each suite is designed to capture the beautiful California sunshine, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Our dedicated team members are extensively trained to ensure exceptional care and bring a sense of comfort and family to every moment.

At San Ramon, we believe in embracing the richness of each day. From interactive art activities to enjoying music that resonates with our residents, there's always something fun happening. We take care of maintenance, housekeeping, and linen services so that you can focus on making the most of our wide range of activities.

Memory Care at San Ramon is about more than just healthcare—it's about creating an environment where joy is abundant. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and sharing many delightful moments together.

  • Comprehensive Specialized Services: Specialized services tailored to enhance residents’ well-being and sense of belonging within a serene and supportive environment.

  • Compassionate Team: Our dedicated Memory Care team members, provide exceptional care that prioritizes the individual needs and preferences of every resident, ensuring they receive personalized attention and support.

  • Personalized Care Plans: Each resident benefits from a personalized care plan to enhance their overall well-being.

  • Nutrition and Dining Experience: Our Memory Care services emphasize the importance of food and nutrition, offering a dining experience designed with subtle nuances to stimulate appetite, promote interaction and increase awareness during meal times, contributing to residents' overall health and happiness. 

  • Purpose-Driven Life Enhancement Activities: Life enhancement activities, whether in group settings or one-on-one, are purpose-driven to engage residents in meaningful ways, from sensory experiences to quiet moments of reflection, enriching their lives and promoting a sense of fulfillment. 

  • Safety, Convenience and Focus on Health: Our community design ensures safety, convenience, and a focus on health and happiness for all residents, providing peace of mind for loved ones of residents with dementia.

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